Flooring issues.

I put in a New Mannington Adura Luxury Floor. I purchased the flooring along with the recommended glue and underlayment and had the floor professionally installed. The Floor has many imperfections. There are lips at the seams. Many of them can be pushed down but will not stay down. The installer said that the problem is with the flooring or glue. Installer talked to the company rep. Rep said the flooring is manufactured with a variation in the thickness of the flooring and that is why the flooring does not match evenly. The rep did not have an answer to why the floor would not stay down on some of the pieces. The images below are only a sampling and not all inclusive of the imperfections.

The lips are very pronounced and can be seen easily. More importantly the floor could be easily damaged by a chair leg or any other object that is moved across the floor.



I believe that the top piece of flooring that is circled was replaced once.

The installer talked to the company rep who said that the flooring is manufactured at varying thickness and he tried to match them the best he could. This piece was replaced and still does not match.

Better image of this one will be coming but you can see all the imperfections. this is near the middle of the dining area so not easy to hide.

Another example of an upraised end.



This looks to be an installer issue rather than a flooring issue and the installer said he would take care of any install issues.